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6 Ways To Build A Healthy Relationship Based On Trust

What is trust? It is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. So why is this important in a healthy relationship?

When entering any new relationship one of the hardest things to do is to trust. As humans, the longer we take to trust the other person in this new relationship is the longer we take to commit to having a healthy relationship.

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But why do you hesitate? You hesitate because you allow past experiences to dictate how you move into future experiences while focusing on creating a healthy relationship. Even if you have healed from past hurt, there is still a slight hesitation when moving on in a new relationship until your new partner proves themself. Trusting someone can be more important than telling them that you have fallen in love. Because this means that you know that they have your best interest at heart. This means that you feel safe with them.

See, when Rio and I met we were in two separate cities. I was living in Toronto and he was living in Dallas. We were in a long-distance relationship for almost a year. So how did we develop the level of trust to make it that far?

Watch our video on Trust

In this video, we discuss how you can allow trust issues/mistrust to keep you from the very things that you know you want and deserve. Watch it to learn more about developing the trust that you need to have healthy relationships.

Why do you allow that? In order for you to trust you have to heal from the past things that have hurt you. There's always work that needs to be done when it comes to healing, So ask yourself if you've allowed yourself to remain in mistrust. How many things are you blocking off that God and the Universe are trying to bring into your life because you haven't dealt with the fact that you may have been hurt?

Here are 6 ways that you can use to tell when you are building trust:

  • Being considerate of their needs and their opinions
  • Not trying to dominate or control the other person
  • Focusing on resolving conflicts in a mature and healthy way
  • Having deep and vulnerable conversations
  • Being respectful when speaking to your partner
  • Not doubting everything that they say

Trust is the most important factor in a healthy relationship. Without it, your relationship will be filled with stress, arguments, anxiety, and unnecessary pain. Trust is built when you become vulnerable. When you get to the point in your relationship where you know that you trust yourself so much that you are allowing yourself to be truly open.

Commit to being a great partner in your relationship. Trust leads to reassurance, forgiveness, acceptance, and healing. It is time to be confident in learning to love again.

You absolutely deserve it.

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About the Authors

Rio and Micca Watkins are Powermate Relationship Strategists, Transformational Speakers, and 3x Best Selling Authors. They are also coaches and matchmakers who champion busy singles who are sick and tired of the old way of building relationships and are ready to have peaceful, drama-free love. Rio and Micca use their voices to amplify healthy relationships. Most notable are their appearances in Speakers Magazine, Living the Principles podcast and the Black Speakers Network (BSN) podcast. They use their proprietary Powermate Attraction Framework: Vision + Plan + Action (VPA)© to help singles do dating differently!

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