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Purpose Alignment In Dating

Purpose is the reason why something is done. The intention. The very reason why it exists. So why is purpose alignment important when it comes to dating? Ask yourself - Why am I dating? What is the intention? What is the reason why this dating experience exists for me?

If you cannot come up with a definite answer to these questions, keep reading.  

Do you need to know your purpose before entering into a relationship? Or can you find alignment in your purpose when you're looking to date? You know, we think that's such a wonderful question and something we are going to unpack with this article. A lot of people say that they are intentionally dating, but what does that really mean? 

If you don't want to discover your purpose, in life or in love, how can you have a clear picture of your desired outcome? If you have not discovered the purpose of dating, can you have an expectation for where your dating journey ends up? Relationships can satisfy a desire for right now, which isn't always a bad thing because you should be living in the present moment. However, you must have a vision for where you ultimately want to end up. 

The PURPOSE in dating is the REASON, while the INTENTION in dating is the GOAL/OBJECTIVE. For example, the purpose could be to find synergies, meet your Powermate, etc. The intention could be to get married and maybe start a family. 

When you meet someone the honeymoon stage doesn’t last forever. You may get to a place in your relationship where you start having problems and growing apart and you cannot figure out why. This is because the alignment of purpose wasn’t established early on in the dating process.  Another example could be that you intentionally got married, but after marriage, you wanted to go work somewhere in another country helping kids and your spouse wants to go work on Wall Street because they are focused on a financial goal. This would mean that you are in two completely different worlds and your purposes were not aligned. 

It is important to know your own purpose, even before you talk about intentionally dating. When you date with intention and connect with your Powermate, you will now discover a new purpose together. This is why it is important to show up whole/complete so that you compliment each other in your alignment. 

A question we’ve been asked is “Well, what if I meet my Powermate and they don’t know their purpose?” There will always be varying opinions based on personal preferences but we always respond back with this question: What if you are the key in helping that person unlock their purpose? Do you negate and push aside that great connection, potential, and chemistry, or do you discover where there are synergies and how they can be beneficial to your combined purpose together. 

Remember that your purpose is ever evolving. The more you work at it and see it come to light the more it will mature and so will your Powermate’s. Maybe that evolving can come once you've connected with your Powermate.

Let us tell you a quick story about a man who was intentional about his goal/objective. This man was sleeping on someone’s couch when he met his wife. He didn't have a car and he was really trying to make his big dreams come true. He needed one more thing to activate his dream, HIS QUEEN. When he expressed his interest to her he said “Listen, I know you’re my wife and I believe we’ll make it. I'll do whatever it takes to make you my wife but I promise you this, when I become your husband, I'm gonna get you the house you want. I'm taking you on the vacation you want. I have a vision for what I want to do for you because you are my QUEEN.”

All those things have come to fruition now, because these two people were intentional and they had discovered their purpose before coming together. 

Always set your dating intention or goal while you are on your Powermate journey. Make sure that there is purpose alignment. Be open to discovering your purpose while setting your intentions and know that your new Powermate can help to activate it to an even greater level. 

There is purpose in LOVE, and you deserve yours. We know that all relationships are not the same, therefore the journey to the relationship is not the same either. Schedule your interest call to get your customized game plan with the Powermate team!

About the Authors

Rio and Micca Watkins are Powermate Relationship Strategists, Transformational Speakers, and 3x Best Selling Authors. They are also coaches and matchmakers who champion busy singles who are sick and tired of the old way of building relationships and are ready to have peaceful, drama-free love. Rio and Micca use their voices to amplify healthy relationships. Most notable are their appearances in Speakers Magazine, Living the Principles podcast and the Black Speakers Network (BSN) podcast. They use their proprietary Powermate Attraction Framework: Vision + Plan + Action (VPA)© to help singles do dating differently!

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