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The 3 Things You Must Do To Attract the Powermate You Want

So, what is a Power Mate? A Power Mate is a partner that is designed to complement your existing lifestyle and one who you develop a spiritual, mental and emotional connection with as well as that unexplainable chemistry. The traditional principles of how to choose the right life partner are antiquated and the divorce/singles stats prove it. This article will teach you how to date differently. That you can be intentional about manifesting and attracting the partner you truly desire without compromising who you really are.

In this article, we are going to share with you three essential tips that will help you attract your Powermate. These are absolutely a must-do.

Tip #1. Know Who You Are

A lot of people say that they want to have a particular man/woman come into their lives, but do they know who they truly are in order to pick the right match for them? 

Do you know who you truly are to your core? 

In order to choose the best mate you will need to have a deep multi-layered understanding of yourself. Not just the surface level traits, and definitely not the version of us that others want us to be. 

Here’s an example. When I got divorced and I started dating, someone wanted to take me out on a date and this person asked me, well what do you like to do? Where do you like to go? And I was like, I don’t know. I had no idea because I had lost myself and who I was in my previous marriage. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know what I liked to do anymore. And at that point, I knew I needed to put my foot down and get to know who I truly was because I felt lost.

When you don’t know who you are, the big problem is that you become victims of what other people want you to be. Which can most of the time be in their best interests. So when you are entering into a relationship, whether it is your personal life, business life, or romantic life, you must have an understanding of who you are at your core.

Tip #2. Fall In Love With The Feeling Of You

Once you start to figure out who you are, you have to fall in love with that feeling, and with the excitement of what gets your vibrations going. 

Think about a time when you were truly happy. When you were living in a moment that made you feel warm and fuzzy inside. How does that make you feel now that you think about it? I remember a time when I took myself on a date, and how great that made me feel. I still reminisce about that feeling to this day. As a woman, I could not have an expectation of somebody else to treat me “good” if I didn't know what that feeling of “good” was like. You have got to get to know the feeling of that love for yourself, even if that means creating that feeling yourself.

Something that you definitely must keep in mind is that when you learn to love yourself, it’s about accepting yourself completely. There are some things in all of our lives that we want to try to sweep under the rug because we’re hurt by them. It could be after a heartbreaking divorce, a devastating split from the person you loved or being abandoned by someone you started to show interest in, you begin to feel damaged, whether you recognize it or not. You may begin to beat yourself up about what you did wrong or what they did wrong. Trying to make up for your past with a new person can also become toxic. Some people simply don’t deal with trauma productively, and instead of getting professional help, they look for another relationship to fix the issues they won’t confront.

Life isn’t always going to be like in the movies, no one is coming to sweep you off your feet on a white horse. That’s in the movies for a reason. In real life it’s about momentum, and when you begin to feel happy for you, you’ll begin to notice people that have more and more things to be happy and thankful about. So don’t get caught up in that movie type thinking that you should be depressed, mad, and all upset. Things can change for you in an instant. 

When you are in a state of manifestation, you’re going to have to find something to be happy about which will make you feel good. This will change your vibration and you will begin to attract other things that make you feel good. Fall in love with the feeling of just loving you, celebrating you. Get used to the feeling of happiness and excitement when you recognize who you truly are at your core. Change your vibration.

Tip #3. Become the Powermate THEY are dreaming about

Once you figure out who you are and what you like, you will begin to fall in love with those feelings. Don’t just pray for the type of man/woman that you want to come into your life. Start praying to become the person that is a great fit for them. No longer do we want to get into a relationship where you’re guessing. 

Get clear, intentional and focused on the most positive traits of the relationship you want to have, you will begin to attract just that. This is exactly what I did before Rio came into my life. I wanted God to send me a man that was doing the type of work on himself that I was doing on me, so we would be equally yoked. I wanted God to send me a man that was praying for me. I only wanted to be the woman that was good for him. I wanted God to send me the man that was being transformed into the man that I was praying for. Not just some random, tall, dark and handsome, because you can pick those up at the mall. 

Start going after what you want. Stay focused and go after how you feel. You’re going after a real thing. Don’t go after the things that the world says you should have. Don’t go after the things that are egotistical because what you will find is that those things won’t have a lot of value to you long term. If you want to attract your Powermate in your life it’s all about working on yourself first.

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About the Authors

Rio and Micca Watkins are Powermate Relationship Strategists, Transformational Speakers, and 3x Best Selling Authors. They are also coaches and matchmakers who champion busy singles who are sick and tired of the old way of building relationships and are ready to have peaceful, drama-free love. Rio and Micca use their voices to amplify healthy relationships. Most notable are their appearances in Speakers Magazine, Living the Principles podcast and the Black Speakers Network (BSN) podcast. They use their proprietary Powermate Attraction Framework: Vision + Plan + Action (VPA)© to help singles do dating differently!

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